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I recommend these ministries with caution primarily because of their use of corrupt modern bible versions. Though note that ICR's founder Henry Morris who was the pioneer of modern creation science used and defended the KJV.

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How to get the Gospel to every residence in your city

Besides door knocking you can use tracts to systematically reach every residence in your city. Take a Chick tract and open it, then slide it through a rubber band. Now you can easily hang Chick tracts on doorknobs!  I have used this method along with just leaving the tract on the ground or door threshold the majority of the time to get out around 5,000 copies of This Was Your Life this year.

Another way to hang tracts is to punch a hole in them or use hole punched small plastic bags, then you can hang them using something like a hang tag string fastener.

Finally you can buy gospel tracts in the form of door hangers from some of the ministries listed in my tract section. Or web search "custom printing" for a plethora of businesses that will print a custom door hanger for you.