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"The Way To God" is available in KJV on the order page.


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Due to sinful ads I recommend using YouTube with an ad blocker. Do not browse "Shorts" as it will eventually show you sinful content  Psalm 101:3 .

How to get the Gospel to every home in your city

Besides door knocking you can use tracts to systematically reach every home in your city. Take a Chick tract and open it then slide it through a rubber band. Now you can hang Chick tracts on doorknobs or often fences when you cant reach the front door. Furthermore with Chick tracts you don't need to always hang the tract, in most neighborhoods I leave the tract on the ground in front of the door or on the door threshold. If you run into somebody you could say "Have you gotten one of these before?"

Free Audio Bible Downloads

Typically you will need to download with a desktop computer first then you can transfer to mobile devices.

Creation Science

These ministries are compromised on key doctrines, I only recommend their free works regarding science and the Bible.

ICR's founder who was the pioneer of modern creation science defended the KJV.

Free Bible Study Software

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