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World Missionary Press

"The Way to God" is available in KJV on the order page.

Considerations regarding World Missionary Press(WMP).

- Like Fellowship Tract League WMP sends literature completely free, anyone can order via the order page on the website.

- WMP is not KJV only.


- Judging by WMP's specific request of KJV and NKJV Bible donations I am assuming they hold to at least a mild conviction to abstain from modern Bible translations.

- WMP describes itself as an interdenominational ministry, this means the ministry as a whole either is simply willing to work with other denominations or it means they generally do not recognize any denomination to be closer to the truth of Gods word. If the later is true it would suggest their doctrinal standards are low enough as to invite eventual compromise.

- WMP currently employs a radical anti-Israel, replacement theology adherent. Who recommends ministries that question salvation by faith alone, promote the use of the catholic apocrypha texts, deny the rapture, deny the entire old testament to be Gods word etc... The employees name is Joe Chadburn, WMP's Ambassador Network Director. Joes views however contradict those of WMP's founder this is evidenced by the "Wings Over Zion" booklet still available in KJV English.

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